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Google Panda Algorithm

When the number of registered domains was only 15.000 in 1995 and after 16 years later it has risen 350,000,000. then small wonder, there is seeing a big problem to get correct information by search engine Google. Because the most of the domain holder are keeping a competition to make their site quickly that there isn't any good informative information or helping  step . So Google faced these type of problem and thought doing something to help world from rubbish .
So Google made a filter that combat the floods of rubbish sites and named after engineer Navneet Panda that solved the problem . although, before panda Update there has more another filter like caffeine back then , Panda Update brinks a revolution to better help .
What is Google Panda ? Ans : Its a improvement that change to the Google's search results ranking

What is the time of Panda released ?  Ans : February 2011.

What is Panda Update ? Ans : I told about Panda is a ‘filter’ that determine to different…

Photoshop Service Provider: Neck Manipulation - A Feminine Touch

Photoshop Service Provider: Neck Manipulation - A Feminine Touch: While shoulders are masculine, neck is considered feminine. Women are featured in many advertisements and hoardings; their necks are alt...