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SEO for Facebook Fan Page?

One of my friend asked me something like these.... 
Q: I would like to know that what to do for my facebook fan page to get ranked in first Google search results?

Q: I found some FB pages listed out there but I don't know what techniques they used, please share your suggestions?

I've presented on it's response through my research and real activities on Facebook Marketing. 

We know that a Facebook Fan Page is not a website even we need a good SEO optimization for it. Because, you know! my friend wants to get a ranked for his FB fan page in first Google search results like others. It is proved by, A facebook fan page can be reached via Search Engines. Here in below picture one of my experiment has proved something like that.

Here I found this Facebook Fan Page through my search. Because this page well seo optimized even it is not a website. 

Lets see How to optimize your facebook fan page for search engines? I believe, "a pictu…