How to Get a Permit to Shoot in Public

Image Source: Clipping Path India  

Long ago, I was going somewhere, suddenly a person requests me that I would allow him to photograph myself. I agreed, and finally, he captured me. Later, this topic teaches me to think that, When we are going to shoot in public places we need to make sure, do not take pictures of others without permission. 

In the above discussion, you may have been discovered the permission from the person, but that's not the end, there is more widespread. This helpful article ( When Do You Need a Photography Permit ) will show you a proper outline about some essential things on Photography Permit.

If you think, you are new or veteran on this matter, Even then, there is some simple but tremendously powerful message for you. In this helpful article from Atiqur Rahman Molla, you'll determine when you cannot shoot the photo — for personal or commercial use, get some useful resources to think more about photography permit. So you'll read it ready to shoot wherever you desire. 


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