A photo retouching company that provides outsourcing image editing services for product catalog companies

The query something like that first appeared in Quora and, this is my answer below was originally published there. I certainly prefer to share the answer here for my readers. I recently discovered a major problem people are facing, they confused to know about the professional photo post-processing service provider . I think It is a great one-off guide for discovering someone best in this field! This is literally the best company for image editing services . I believe better than even the most well-known ones. I've been researching this company for all my experience journeys through various paths! Such as their locations, their studio, and their satisfied clients, and so on! Here the sources very useful to understand their long journey from 2008 to today.  Locations They've been embarking on the three countries' trip to operate in five locations! Their international presence allows them to serve customers all over the world, at all hours of

Some Useful Steps to Start an Ecommerce Business

                               Image sou rce:  p exels There are millions of online stores worldwide have already been made a trillion-dollar industry, and you want to be a part of them. It's simple to say, but hard as being part of it. Many new and even veteran business owners are going to struggle to make a success.  I've shared a comprehensive resource list below to follow them before you go live, and increase your chance of online success by  starting an e-commerce market . 1. Identify the high-profitable niche by Google Trends , eBay , Amazon , and many others. When you are going to invest a lot of time and energy than you need to take the high potential product to launch a successful e-commerce website. Here the 10 lists to get the idea of identifying your niche.  The 17 Best Places eCommerce Entrepreneurs Go To Find Product Ideas 2. Read Amazon, eBay, Know the consumer insights, reviews, shipping times, product quality and so many to build you

Think about Image Optimization-That will help you to speed up your site

Reduce  image file size This is important to increase  Google Page Speed score. Yes, I'm going to say about your images which are waiting to get your permission to upload themselves on your site.  We believe that big and high- res images are better for user experience, But often they have very large file size and take a long time to load your site or page. So, take images in KB, not MB. It can be between 100kb to 500kb in large.  As a designer when I'm using Photoshop to edit or optimize images for the web then I don't care about PPI or DPI, Because they are not necessary to web displays, but they are important for printings. Check below 2 images are saved with different dpi,  but you won't see any gap between them in quality.  800 x 534 at 300dpi     Photo Credits:  Clipping Path Specialist 800 x 534 at 72dpi Above both image file size that is the same 177kb, Respectively. There isn't any impact in file size by increasi

Professional Photo Editing Service Provider

There are many companies of the best photo editors offers online photo editing services . Photo editing includes many things including clipping path, background removal, retouching, color correction, and adding drop shadows. If you have an eCommerce store, In most cases, background removal will make your product photo and store look professional and trustworthy. It gives consumers a clear picture of what your product looks like.  Below I addressed some of them, whom I strongly recommend for your photo editing needs. In this case, I'm considering some important things to select them. The quality of services. The duration of the service providers. Their service charges. Customer's sincere reviews on their services. Ability to deliver on time and so on.  Clipping Path India More than 1000 clients are responded to the Trustpilot reviews, Where 82% of the reviews are considered as Excellent. Check the reviews of Clipping Path India

How to Get a Permit to Shoot in Public

Image Source: Clipping Path India     Long ago, I was going somewhere, suddenly a person requests me that I would allow him to photograph myself. I agreed, and finally, he captured me. Later, this topic teaches me to think that, When we are going to shoot in public places we need to make sure, do not take pictures of others without permission.  In the above discussion, you may have been discovered the permission from the person, but that's not the end, there is more widespread. This helpful article ( When Do You Need a Photography Permit )  will show you a proper outline about some essential things on Photography Permit . If you think, you are new or veteran on this matter, Even then, t here is some simple but tremendously powerful message for you.  In this helpful article from Atiqur Rahman Molla , you'll determine when you cannot shoot the photo — for personal or commercial use, get some useful resources to think more about photography permit. So you'll read

SEO for Facebook Fan Page?

One of my friend asked me something like these....  Q:  I would like to know that what to do for my facebook fan page to get ranked in first Google search results? Q:  I found some FB pages listed out there but I don't know what techniques they used, please share your suggestions? I've presented on it's response through my research and real activities on Facebook Marketing.  We know that a  Facebook Fan Page  is not a website even we need a good SEO optimization for it. Because, you know! my friend wants to get a ranked for his FB fan page in first Google search results like others. It is proved by, A facebook fan page can be reached via Search Engines. Here in below picture one of my experiment has proved something like that. Here I found this Facebook Fan Page through my search. Because this page well seo optimized even it is not a website.  Lets see How to optimize your facebook fan page f

Dana Tan SEO Blog - Ideas, Musings & Rants: Is Web Directory Submission Still Good for SEO?

Dana Tan SEO Blog - Ideas, Musings & Rants: Is Web Directory Submission Still Good for SEO? : One of the most common questions I see for people launching new Websites is "Should I still submit my site to Web directories?" ...