What is NoFollow and DoFollow Links ?

Just simply I have to provide an example to better understanding about "DoFollow and NoFollow attribute" . 

You have a blog and you are going to allow people to follow your blog by taking their comments on your comment section, that they had given before as a commenter. So this permission makes your blog DoFollow attribute , because you allow them to submit their comment in your comment section . Otherwise it would be a NoFollow blog.

do-follow and no-follow
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Now I am going to introduce what is DoFollow links and NoFollow links  from eyes of search engines ?

DoFollow link has a special HTML markup inside that while search engines are going to crawl your contents and find a DoFollow link  then the search engine follow the destination of  link and land on them . This DoFollow act as a bridge for them.

NoFollow link also has a special HTML markup inside that while search engines are going to crawl your contents and find a NoFollow link then the search engine should be stop to follow the destination of link , as a result they can’t land on them . 

Example :

Normal link :" Google " this link is pointing to "http://www.google.com" . If we analyze the HTML code beneath of this link , the code will be look like this

DoFollow link will be like below text

NoFollow Link look like this text

Just see what are different between them ?
Simple, if you want to make DoFollow link , just add the attribute “rel” then write value “dofollow” or write value nofollow while want to make nofollow.  Better understanding that, it is specially make dofollow or nofollow . Other wise  all links are dofollow usually .

Why NoFollow link created originally ?
Originally NoFollow link created to stop spamming in blog commenting . 

So there have an another question about Nofollow link good or bad ?
Yes it is right NoFollow link is preventing to crawl by Search Engine Robots back then there have some positive things that NoFollow links can bring to your site . like "Traffic"

by  Bijutoha
Senior Executive & Graphic Designer
Outsource Experts Ltd.


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