SEO for Facebook Fan Page?


One of my friend asked me something like these.... 

Q: I would like to know that what to do for my facebook fan page to get ranked in first Google search results?

Q: I found some FB pages listed out there but I don't know what techniques they used, please share your suggestions?

I've presented on it's response through my research and real activities on Facebook Marketing. 

We know that a Facebook Fan Page is not a website even we need a good SEO optimization for it. Because, you know! my friend wants to get a ranked for his FB fan page in first Google search results like others. It is proved by, A facebook fan page can be reached via Search Engines. Here in below picture one of my experiment has proved something like that.


Here I found this Facebook Fan Page through my search. Because this page well seo optimized even it is not a website. 

Lets see How to optimize your facebook fan page for search engines? I believe, "a picture is worth a thousand words" Therefore, I have to show you another image to present a glance for better understanding....


See these red marks.. Owner of this Fan Page made a SEO Title, H1 Tag, and a beautiful Meta Description with their targeted keywords like an on page optimization for a website. 

So, this is the On Page Optimization for a Facebook Fan Page. But these are not enough. Some notes are there more. Such as.. 

A. As far as possible, include a link to your fan page on other existing channels like twitter, google+, linkedin, quora, website, blog etc. 
B. Regular Status Update with your targeted keywords. 
C. After getting 25 likes Create a Custom Fan Page Vanity URL.

Lets talk about FB vanity URL . I mean there are many advantages with fan page vanity url Such as..

1. It is going to take your keyword through your Brand Name or Service Description. If you notice, My example of the fan page is going to carry this keyword clippingpathservice. That means . 

2. A vanity URL easier to remember, share and use. 
3. This type of url reflects an outlook of your site or business. 
4. A Social Media Fan Page Vanity URL is Unique. So unique "URLs are heavily weighted by search engines". 

Conclusion :
You can make your vanity URL with your brand or company name and you can add a keyword if it makes sense, but avoid keyword stuffing. Actually, It depends on your needs! In this case, I would say, If your brand name is so powerful and recognizable then you can choose it. Otherwise, I have to suggest you to take keywords related to your company services. Because, they can fill your targets via search engines. I mean when visitors will search these type of services [like your keywords] then Search Engines will show yours.

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