Search Engines

Search Engines is the most powerful and remarkable automated library that provides you many types of knowledge with your choices . Also it is promoting your website in library (online) as a quiet firm. 


Every day  625 million searches are coming to get their necessary things by search engines as a result they brings targeted traffic to your website.

Classification of search engines

Crawler-Based Search Engines.
Human-Based Search Engines.
Hybrid Search Engines.
Meta Search Engines.
Topical Search Engines. 

Crawler-Based Search Engines 

There has a different between Crawler-Based Search Engines and Human-Based Search Engines.  Crawler-
Based Search Engines it is automated programming software that searches to survey and categories web pages. The name of automated programming software : spiders, robots, crawlers, bots.

How is working  Crawler-Based Search Engines : Answer
Example of crawler-based search engines :


Human-based search engine . You can call it Directory

It depends on listing by people that means it is a "Directory" must be needed before listing a registration then put your URL with specific categories. And all this process going like manually so you will get your rank comprehensively by the human editors after checking your URL.

Example of Human-based search engine  : 

Hybrid Search Engines

Hybrid Search Engines combination of Crawler-Based Search Engines and Human or directory based search engine . You can tell like this HSE is one of the computer search engines that designed to provide crawler-based and directory based results. Now this era HSE is the most popular method for more search engines provider. like Google & Yahoo 

Meta Search Engines 

MSE mother of all search engines. It means MSE is a search tool that takes all results from several search engines results, and aggregates the results into one large listing. list after combining them. Get More

Example of Meta Search Engines

Meta Crawler 
Meta Search Engine

Topical Search Engines or Specialty Search Engines

I think you should guises something about it, yes you are right this search engine designed to give result on a specific topic, like art,literature,business, academia, movie, multimedia,  people, medicine, music, science, and sports etc. You can call it specialty and vertical search engines also .

Example of Topical Search Engines :  

google  for shopping
shopping  for shopping

searchnz  for local search

freeparking for domain name search 
asiaguide   for geographical search 
webwombat for geographical search 
ananzi  for geographical search
novoline for geographical search

tucows  for freeware & shareware software search

by Bijutoha
SEO & Design Expert at Outsource Experts Ltd.


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