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How to Backup Blogger Template ?

As we, most of the Blogger are always concerned to take our blog sincerely. Sometimes an light ignorance about blog template can happen a big issue that brings us to despair land. Now a days there are many reasons to loss our Blog Template simply like when you try to edit your template you may loss it in case of mistakes, sometimes Google Deletes Blogger Accounts for any reason. So I will give you a suggestion to avoid unexpected matters and that is accidentally missing "template layout"  from our blog . So we can take some step that I have shown below . 1 . Log in to your Blogger account
2. Go on   Dashboard > Template > Backup/Restore .
3.  Click on the "Download full template" . 

Finally template will be download on your PC .
Thanks for reading. Hope your replies, suggestion and any query you want .
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How to add Google+ button to your blogger ?

There have similar rule to add Google+ button to your blog or website . So lets go to see .

1. Click this link Google+ 2. Make a shape by checking Size, Annotation, Width and Language box.
3. Now click "Advanced Options" then unchecked "Asynchronous" , Paste your blog or side url in "URL to +1" field.
4. Then see the right side . Here has been shown two parts of codes . I named by "First Code" and "Second Code" . 
5. Copy the "First Code", and go to Blogger Dashboard>Template>Edit HTML> Paste between <head> and </body> tag. then save. Just see below images to better realization .

6. Copy "Second Code" then go to again Blogger Dashboard>Layout> then click Add a Gadget and select HTML/JavaScript..
7. Now paste your "Second Code" in the box below . then save.
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